ICV1 02


  • Frame in connection with the SEVENFRIDAY App (iOS & Android), thanks to an NFC chip embedded in the left side tip, allowing secured authentication and registration

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  • Material: Italian acetate
  • Finishing: Polished
  • Color: Clear Green
  • Inlayed polished stainless steel TV shape signature
  • Dimensions: W: 141.7mm X H: 51,3mm. Nose bridge: 24mm


  • Length: 150mm
  • Material: Italian acetate
  • Finishing: Polished
  • Color: Clear Green
  • Inlayed polished 7F logo


  • Spring hinges from OBE (Germany) Polished stainless-steel


  • Black Ceramic nose pads
    with silver stainless-steel
    pad arms


  • WxH: 48×44,7 mm
  • Green lenses Cat.2
  • With blue anti-reflective
    the coating on the inner side

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making shapes of the past, forms of the present!

The Icon TV eyewear is reminiscent of simpler times when TVs were still square and not yet HD. This form has become SEVENFRIDAY’s trademark with each of our watches bearing this same shape. The Icon TV is the smaller version of its predecessors but it’s no less of a statement piece!

 Available in three colorways: clear tan, transparent green, and tortoise, the Icon TV is versatile with one to fit every taste and every face. The frame is made from polished Italian acetate so they rest lightly on your nose but are sturdy nonetheless. 

Each pair features black ceramic nose pads for easy adjustment and lenses with blue anti-reflective coating on the inner side. Design, craftsmanship, and practicality were equal ingredients in the creation of the Icon TV! 

Each pair of the Icon TV has an NFC chip embedded in its temple. Customers can scan the chip with their phone allowing for the safe and secure authentication and registration of their product. 

Not only does the chip give customers peace of mind but it also opens the doors to the UPO7F community. Completing the profile and registering a SEVENFRIDAY product awards access to the in-app community with special offers and exclusive news.


Watch in connection with the SEVENFRIDAY App, thanks to an NFC chip embedded in the case back, allowing secured authentication and registration.

  • Authenticate and register your SEVENFRIDAY product
  • Extend your watch warranty for 1 Year
  • Get all the latest news & exclusive offers


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